Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions/Hispanic Serving Institutions/Tribal Colleges and Universities

During the National HBCU/MI Conference, Arlington, Virginia (14-17 September, 2003), it was noted that the Department of the Army’s HBCU/MI Program as a whole, was rated the best in the Department of Defense. The USAMRMC has and continues to contribute to the HBCU/MI effort.

The USAMRMC has initiated an aggressive campaign to provide outreach to our Nation’s HBCUs/MIs/HSIs/TCUs, which will translate to meeting and exceeding the 5 percent annual contract goal. The USAMRMC, its network of laboratories in the contiguous United States and Overseas are identifying methods to establish and strengthen our business relationships with HBCUs/MIs/HSIs/TCUs. The HBCUs/MIs/HSIs/TCUs are a great source of research, advanced technology, science and recruitment. If you are a Historically Black College or University, Hispanic Serving Institution or Tribal College/University, please contact the USAMRMC Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) to learn more about how your institution can actively participate and contribute to our medical research mission.

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