Jerome Maultsby 1 October, 2020

A Message from the Assistant Director, Office of Small Business Programs.

Small businesses (i.e., prime and subcontractors) that are given an opportunity to assist with supporting a myriad of global requirements within Department of Army are mission enablers. Their innovative products, quality services, and relevant business solutions contribute toward improving readiness and making increased investments in our future Army.

The Office of Small Business Programs remains committed to ensuring the various categories of small businesses receive equitable opportunities to participate and compete in the procurement process. Accordingly, once the procurement is awarded, every effort shall be devoted by the business firms to meet and exceed the expectations in accordance with the terms of and conditions stipulated in the contract/grant.

In our quest for continuous improvement, we encourage all small business concerns to compete for those procurements that coincide with their core competencies. The intent of this website is to provide useful and transparent information to internal and external stakeholders in a user-friendly manner.

During Fiscal Years 21 & 22, we look forward to strengthening our strategic partnerships with small business prime and subcontractors, industry, and academia (i.e., Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions).

Thanks in advance for your interest. We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please feel free to communicate with us via Jerome Maultsby (jerome.k.maultsby.civ@mail.mil, 301-619-2471) and Myrsonia Lutz (myrsonia.lutz.civ@mail.mil, 301-619-8896).

Very Respectfully,

Jerome K. Maultsby
Assistant Director,
Office of Small Business Programs

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